Practice Your Skating Skills during Winter Break!

Practice your skills this Winter Break!

Winter break is the perfect time to get in some extra time on the ice!

And you can log your practice time on this snowman – share your results by using the hashtag #LearnToSkateUSA and #SkillBasedSnowman

Check out the schedules for our Open Figure Skating and Public Family Skate sessions to find a time to come in and practice!


Brooklyn Blades Night with The Cleveland Monsters


Join us on Saturday February 29 at 1:00pm as our Brooklyn Blades on Ice Performance Ensemble performs during the first intermission of a Cleveland Monsters Game!

To order tickets using our group discounted rate ($16 per ticket) – fill out THIS FORM and return it to GraceAnn or Elizabeth by January 26


It’s Turkey Training Time!

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with this month’s Learn To Skate USA skating challenge: Turkey Training! Your turkey wants to grow his feathers for the holiday, but he needs your help.

You can help your turkey by practicing one of your most challenging skills. This can be anything from a one-foot glide to a mohawk to a spiral. When you’ve chosen a skill, write it down on the turkey’s stomach as a reminder.

Download your Turkey Training worksheet here: Turkey Training


How many feathers will your turkey have?

Every time you practice your skill, draw a feather. Try to practice as many times as you can so that your turkey will have many feathers to show off.

When you’ve finished, color in your turkey’s feathers. You can keep him festive with red, orange, yellow, and brown or use your imagination to make your turkey stand out from the rest.

Do this activity with your friends to see whose turkey grows the most feathers!

Bonus: Rate your skill

If you want to work more on your skill, color in your turkey according to how well you’ve practiced your skill each time.

The color of each feather depends on how well you performed the skill. If you think you could use improvement, color the feather red. If the skill was average, color it yellow. If you performed the skill perfectly with no error, color it orange. How many orange feathers will your turkey have?

You can choose to use different colors as well. Just make sure to keep a color key!

Post your turkey online

Once you’ve practiced your skill and drawn and colored your turkey’s feathers, show him off to the world! Have your coach or a friend take a picture of you and your turkey, and post it on social media with the hashtag #LearntoSkateUSA.

Do this activity with your friends and post a group picture, too!

Fall is a great time to practice, practice, practice!

tree pic.JPG

As the leaves are changing colors and the weather is cooling, the autumn season is a great time to practice your skills. Use Learn to Skate USA’s Tree of Mastery activity to track your progress

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Download and print the Tree of Mastery activity here.
  2. Pick a skill that needs improvement and write it on the line below the tree.
  3. For every five times you practice that skill, draw a leaf on the tree.
  4. Even though leaves are falling outside, watch your tree bloom as your skating improves!
  5. Share your accomplishments with the skating world with #LearnToSkateUSA and #TreeOfMastery, and you might be featured on Learn to Skate USA social media!

Registration for Brooklyn Autumn Skills is OPEN!


Are you looking to try your skills in a competition?

All Brooklyn Blades on Ice Learn-To-Skate members who have passed at least Snowplow 2 level are eligible to participate in a variety of Basic Skills competitions throughout the season!

In November, we host a Basic Skills competition right here at our home rink – the Brooklyn Autumn Skills competition.  This is a good place to start if this is your first-ever event!

You don’t have to be a member of the figure skating club to participate, but we highly recommend scheduling some private lessons with one of our staff coaches to help you prepare!

If you are interested in trying a competition this year, please send us an email at

Brooklyn Autumn Skills 2019  – November 16-17, 2019

Register HERE  **Deadline to register is Friday October 18!

Download announcement

Hosted by Brooklyn Figure Skating Club

Archived 2019 Ice Show Videos

Please be sure to bookmark this post – this is where we will archive our 2019 Ice Show videos!


We are so proud of each and every one of you!

Check out the videos of our group performances below:










We’re excited to announce that our annual ice show will be held on Friday April 26-Saturday April 27, 2019.

Did you know May is National Fitness Month?


May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and the perfect time to evaluate your skills and push yourself to a new level! Whether that means striving to pass Basic 6 or perfecting that two-foot spin, how can you challenge your fitness this month?

Push your fitness this month by firing up your skating practices! Use these Learn to Skate USA activities to boost your National Fitness Month motivation:

National Dynamic Warm-Up


Start your day at the rink off the ice with the National Dynamic Warm-Up. Warming up before you skate improves performance and decreases the risk of injury. Use the worksheet to track the exercises for an entire week as you get your blood flowing and muscles moving before you step on the ice.

Download the activity here.

Marathon Challenge


Put your fitness to the real test with the Marathon Challenge! How many laps can you skate around the rink? Did you know that 11 laps around the rink is a mile? Shoot for 26.2 (289 laps) and track your progress with the downloadable worksheet.

Go it alone over the course of a few days or try the Marathon Challenge with your friends! Take turns completing laps or race to the finish — it’s up to you!

Download the activity here.