2017-2018 Open Figure Skating and Public Ice Schedule is available


This is the last week of the Summer Ice Schedule!

The regular season schedule begins on Tuesday September 5.

You can view/download the schedule HERE.


2017-2018 Learn-To-Skate Schedule


The 2017-2018 Learn-To-Skate season schedule is now available!

You can download a copy HERE

First day of class is Friday September 8!

2017 Ice Show ‘Rise Up’ Archives!

Believe it or not, it’s time to close the book on the 2016-17 skating season and prepare for the new skating season!

The Ice Show Tab at the top of the home page is being replaced by ‘Spring Swizzle 2018’

*PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS POST in order to have a quick way to access video links from the 2017 Ice Show – they will be archived here from this point forward.

Looking forward to a new season!!!


Congratulations to all of our skaters on a successful show!

Videos of most of the performances from the show are available by clicking on the links below:


  1. ‘Get Up’ INTRO/‘Hand Clap’ – BBOI Power Skating Class/‘Cheap Thrills’ – Natalie Demarest & Alexis Martin
  2. ‘Runaway Baby’ – Kenny Whitten
  3. ‘Stuck Like Glue’ – Anastasia Migyanko
  4. ‘Somethin’ Bad’ – Samantha Milano
  5. ‘Resolve’ – Manpriet Thomas
  6. ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ – BBOI Learn-To-Skate
  7. ‘Fire Under My Feet’ – Laura Senkar/‘Warriors’ – Kara Buher
  8. ‘Requiem for a Tower’ – Elyse Andel
  9. ‘Breath of Life’ – Callie Sua
  10. ‘Now We are Free’ – Julia Ventura
  11. ‘Hunger Games’ INTRO/‘Yellow Flicker Beat’-Vicki Vincent
  12. ‘Wings to Fly’ INTRO (sorry-no video for this one!)
  13. ‘Viva la Vida’ – Ada Gee & Hiba Hassan (sorry-no video for this one!)
  14. ‘Colors of the Wind’ – Maria Burns
  15. ‘Stand By Me’ – Nina Lunde
  16. ‘We are the Ones’ – Chloe O’Brien
  17. ‘Fly’ – Addalyn & Ava Schmidt
  18. ‘This Town’ – Daniel Rodriguez
  19. ‘How Far I’ll Go’ – Aubrie Hayes & Ania Oshaben
  20. ‘Beating Heart’ – Vivian Gabbard
  21. ‘Black and Blue’ –BBOI Performance Ensemble/‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ – Crystal Greene


  1. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ INTRO/‘Belle’ – Melissa Greene/‘Be Our Guest’ – Brooklyn FSC
  2. ‘Once Upon a Dream’ – Ashley Whitten
  3. ‘A Thousand Years’ – Allison Shryock
  4. ‘Fairytale Weddings’ Padua High School Team (sorry-no video for this one!)
  5. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – Alexandria Miranda
  6. ‘Rise’ INTRO/‘Rise Up’ – Casandra Hipkins
  7. ‘ Everything’ – Alexis Hipkins
  8. SPECIAL GUEST – Matthew Nielsen (sorry-no video for this one!)
  9. SPECIAL GUEST – Nathan Chapple (sorry-no video for this one!)
  10. SPECIAL GUEST – Anya Cockerell (sorry-no video for this one!)
  11. ‘Exogenesis Symphony -‘Redemption’’ – Brooklyn FSC