2017 Ice Show ‘Rise Up’ Archives!

Believe it or not, it’s time to close the book on the 2016-17 skating season and prepare for the new skating season!

The Ice Show Tab at the top of the home page is being replaced by ‘Spring Swizzle 2018’

*PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS POST in order to have a quick way to access video links from the 2017 Ice Show – they will be archived here from this point forward.

Looking forward to a new season!!!


Congratulations to all of our skaters on a successful show!

Videos of most of the performances from the show are available by clicking on the links below:


  1. ‘Get Up’ INTRO/‘Hand Clap’ – BBOI Power Skating Class/‘Cheap Thrills’ – Natalie Demarest & Alexis Martin
  2. ‘Runaway Baby’ – Kenny Whitten
  3. ‘Stuck Like Glue’ – Anastasia Migyanko
  4. ‘Somethin’ Bad’ – Samantha Milano
  5. ‘Resolve’ – Manpriet Thomas
  6. ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ – BBOI Learn-To-Skate
  7. ‘Fire Under My Feet’ – Laura Senkar/‘Warriors’ – Kara Buher
  8. ‘Requiem for a Tower’ – Elyse Andel
  9. ‘Breath of Life’ – Callie Sua
  10. ‘Now We are Free’ – Julia Ventura
  11. ‘Hunger Games’ INTRO/‘Yellow Flicker Beat’-Vicki Vincent
  12. ‘Wings to Fly’ INTRO (sorry-no video for this one!)
  13. ‘Viva la Vida’ – Ada Gee & Hiba Hassan (sorry-no video for this one!)
  14. ‘Colors of the Wind’ – Maria Burns
  15. ‘Stand By Me’ – Nina Lunde
  16. ‘We are the Ones’ – Chloe O’Brien
  17. ‘Fly’ – Addalyn & Ava Schmidt
  18. ‘This Town’ – Daniel Rodriguez
  19. ‘How Far I’ll Go’ – Aubrie Hayes & Ania Oshaben
  20. ‘Beating Heart’ – Vivian Gabbard
  21. ‘Black and Blue’ –BBOI Performance Ensemble/‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ – Crystal Greene


  1. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ INTRO/‘Belle’ – Melissa Greene/‘Be Our Guest’ – Brooklyn FSC
  2. ‘Once Upon a Dream’ – Ashley Whitten
  3. ‘A Thousand Years’ – Allison Shryock
  4. ‘Fairytale Weddings’ Padua High School Team (sorry-no video for this one!)
  5. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – Alexandria Miranda
  6. ‘Rise’ INTRO/‘Rise Up’ – Casandra Hipkins
  7. ‘ Everything’ – Alexis Hipkins
  8. SPECIAL GUEST – Matthew Nielsen (sorry-no video for this one!)
  9. SPECIAL GUEST – Nathan Chapple (sorry-no video for this one!)
  10. SPECIAL GUEST – Anya Cockerell (sorry-no video for this one!)
  11. ‘Exogenesis Symphony -‘Redemption’’ – Brooklyn FSC