Thinking of buying new skates for Christmas? READ THIS FIRST!


Skates can be an expensive investment, but for the skater who is serious about developing their skill, a quality pair of skates is a MUST.

Here are some tips on how to shop for and care for your skates:

    • When looking at purchasing skates, if new skates are in your budget, this is always the best way to go. However, if you’re going to invest in a brand new pair of quality brand skates, do NOT try to find them yourself online or at a ‘big box’ store. Head to a specialized retailer who can get your skater properly fitted and help determine what type of skate is appropriate for your skater’s size and ability level. We recommend the experts at The Skater’s Edge – located at 5648 Mayfield Road in Lyndhurst, OH.
  • Hand me downs may be money savers, but it’s important to make sure they are the proper size and level for your skater. Skates that are broken down after being ‘well-worn’ may no longer provide enough support and may actually be dangerous for your skater to wear.
  • Skates that are too large or flimsy will not give your skater ample support and will not only increase their risk of injury, but will prevent them from being able to master basic skating skills.
  • Skates should fit snuggly, not squeezing the toes, but not as comfortable as sneakers.
  • Thin socks or tights that are taller than the top of the skate are a must. Ankle socks or thick sport socks should NEVER be worn with skates.








  • Always use hard guards when wearing your skates off of the ice. Even if there is a rubberized floor, there are still small objects and dirt that will cause damage to the blades and decrease the sharpening ‘life’ of them. DO NOT STORE BLADES IN THE PLASTIC HARD GUARDS. This will cause blades to rust. After each use, wipe your blades completely dry and store them with ‘soakers’ (sock-type guards). It’s also a good idea to take them out of the bag and let them air out at home until you head back to the rink.

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  • Don’t leave your skates in the car – especially during extreme hot or cold weather.


  • Blades should be sharpened by a PROFESSIONAL after approximately every 25-30 hours on the ice. You can call experts at The Skater’s Edge to make an appointment (440) 995-3343.