Spring Swizzle NEWS & UPDATES!


We need spotlight operators!

Part of the magic of a Brooklyn show is our show lighting, but we need your help to pull it off!
Do you know someone who is available to run spotlights for dress rehearsal night and/or performance night?
Email us today!
(There are some perks to volunteering!)



Spring Swizzle T Shirts

The Brooklyn Figure Skating Club is selling T-shirts for this year’s show!
Shirts start at $18 and will feature the names of all of the show participants on the back!

Click HERE for an order form




Calling all Parent Volunteers!

To keep the show moving in an orderly fashion, we are in need of a few parent volunteers to help keep our backstage area quiet and running efficiently. Please email us if you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer for dress rehearsal and/or show night.


What’s your earliest memory on the ice?

Everyone starts skating by taking that first step.

And no matter what age you were, the ice was slippery and it probably seemed scary.

But soon, you learned that you could fly!

What are your best memories about learning to skate?

SHARE THEM with us and we will feature them in a poster in the rink! Please email your submissions by April 27!