Did you know May is National Fitness Month?


May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and the perfect time to evaluate your skills and push yourself to a new level! Whether that means striving to pass Basic 6 or perfecting that two-foot spin, how can you challenge your fitness this month?

Push your fitness this month by firing up your skating practices! Use these Learn to Skate USA activities to boost your National Fitness Month motivation:

National Dynamic Warm-Up


Start your day at the rink off the ice with the National Dynamic Warm-Up. Warming up before you skate improves performance and decreases the risk of injury. Use the worksheet to track the exercises for an entire week as you get your blood flowing and muscles moving before you step on the ice.

Download the activity here.

Marathon Challenge


Put your fitness to the real test with the Marathon Challenge! How many laps can you skate around the rink? Did you know that 11 laps around the rink is a mile? Shoot for 26.2 (289 laps) and track your progress with the downloadable worksheet.

Go it alone over the course of a few days or try the Marathon Challenge with your friends! Take turns completing laps or race to the finish — it’s up to you!

Download the activity here.