Take the LTS USA Fit-25 Bingo Challenge!

How can you challenge yourself this week to achieve your goals? Learn to Skate USA is committed to helping you along your skating and wellness journey.

The Fit-25 challenge, a wellness-themed bingo activity, combines balance, strength, cardio, stretching and overall wellness initiatives in a fun 25-segment challenge. Complete five in a row and earn a bingo. Complete all 25 for a bingo blackout!

The Fit-25 challenge is available in three formats:

  • Online via the Learn to Skate USA mobile app (a free benefit of membership)
  • On your phone/tablet as a shareable Instagram story-sized graphic
  • As a printable full-page PDF

Completing the challenge in the Learn to Skate USA mobile app is the ultimate test, as the only way to earn the Fit-25 badge is by completing all 25 initiatives! Be sure to document your efforts and share them with #LearnToSkateUSA!

Download the PDF here.
Download the Instagram Story version here.
Learn more about the Learn to Skate USA app and download it here.