You’re invited to U.S. Figure Skating’s Showcase Extravaganza!

You’re invited to U.S. Figure Skating’s Showcase Extravaganza!

U.S. Figure Skating is thrilled to announce the Showcase Extravaganza, a virtual experience that will provide skaters the opportunity to showcase their programs and receive feedback from officials!

The online experience will take place through the submission of a video of your Showcase programs. Skaters will submit their videos by the deadlines outlined below; skaters may submit one video per deadline. Instructions on how to film and submit your video are attached to this email. Videos will be reviewed by a panel of officials, and skaters will receive both a numerical score & protocol and feedback on the program. As part of their submission fee, skaters will also receive a t-shirt. As you prepare for National Showcase 2021, this is a fantastic opportunity to see how your programs score under the new Component Judging System!

A leaderboard by level and event will be posted on the Showcase program page; the leaderboard will be updated after each deadline to incorporate every skater’s participation.

Submission deadlines:

October 18

December 6

January 17

Submission fee:

$50 for the first entry (includes t-shirt)

$25 for subsequent entries


Extravaganza Invite

Video Instructions