Learn-To-Skate Classes

The Brooklyn Blades on Ice Learn-To-Skate program offers affordable ice skating lessons taught by certified U.S. Figure Skating professionals to people of all ages. In these classes, students learn the fundamentals of ice skating in a fun-filled environment based on the Learn to Skate USA curriculum.

Snowplow Sam (Ages 3-5) –Snowplow 1-4 is designed especially for preschoolers! At
this level, skills are kept simple and fun with lots of play time and games.

sp Snowplow Sam Class Curriculum

Basic Skills (Ages 6 and up) – Basic 1-6 teaches children the beginning skills of ice skating such as stopping, turning, and crossovers. Whether you wish to be a figure skater, hockey player, or just want to learn how to skate for fun, this program is the perfect place to begin!

basic Basic Skills Class Curriculum

Free Skate – Pre-Free Skate and Free Skate 1- 6 levels are for those who wish to further progress into the sport of figure skating. Skaters will learn advanced skills, transitions, spins, and jumps.

freeskateFreeskate Class Curriculum

Adult – The Adult 1-6 curriculum is designed for both beginning and experienced teen
and adult skaters who wish to improve their skating skills. Participation in the program will help promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while teaching proper skating techniques.

adultAdult Class Curriculum


Specialty Classes

Bridge to Competitive Skating – “Bridge Class” is a weekly half hour program that allows our skaters to work one-on- one with one of our pros. Skaters will receive a 15 minute private lesson to prepare for competitions or to just get some extra help with their skating
skills. When skaters are not in a lesson, they may use the ice time for practice. This class is for ALL levels and for skaters who do NOT currently take private lessons.

Performance Ensemble – This class is open to all skaters at the Free Skate 1 and above level and ages 18 and under. During the Fall-Winter- Spring sessions our class meets on Saturday afternoons. Skaters work towards performing routines to music of different genres that will be performed at a Lake Erie Monsters Game (March/April), skating exhibitions and our annual spring show! Participants are required to purchase a performance costume.

Power and Edges for Figure Skating – This class is designed to teach skaters how to maximize their speed and power on the ice by using different crossover and edge drills. This class is also good for building up endurance and agility. It is open to all skaters Pre-Free Skate and above.

Intro to Ice Dancing – Ice dancing is a specialized area of figure skating that teaches rhythm, timing of steps, and skating with a partner. It is very similar to ballroom dancing. Open to all skaters Pre-Free Skate and above.

Intro to Moves in the Field – Moves in the Field are a series of tests which measure a skater’s ability to follow a standard skating pattern without music. Moves tests must be passed in front of US Figure Skating judges before a skater is allowed to test in other disciplines of skating. Moves are designed to measure accuracy of steps, flow, edge
quality, extension, posture, and quickness. This class will teach skaters the Pre-Preliminary
moves test which includes forward perimeter stroking, basic consecutive edges, forward right and left foot spirals and the waltz eight. This class is a great place to begin the journey into U.S. Figure Skating testing and competing. Open to all skaters Free Skate 1 and above.



Competitions – For skaters who wish to try out their skills against skaters from other rinks, there is an opportunity for you to compete! There are 6 Learn to Skate competitions a year. One of them is right here at OUR skating rink every November! Check out our competition page for more information.

Ice Shows/Exhibitions – Every year, the skaters of the Brooklyn Blades on Ice Program have the opportunity to showcase their talents in our spring ice show or exhibition. These events are the highlight of the skating season! In addition to our Learn to Skate performers, we also feature skaters from the Brooklyn Figure Skating Club as well as other guest skaters!